Hello....& Many Thanks for visiting Beier Drums...

In today's world...There is a wide selection of gear available for drummers. Who does a great job? Personally, I think everyone does. Literally. It is a dazzling
experience for a player to shop for a new snare drum. The choices are seemingly endless. That, in and of itself, is a wonderful thing. However, it still boils
down to finding your sound. That is where it can get difficult for a player.

The drums I design and manufacture are the result of an earlier mindset in this industry. Reading extensively, studying photographs of the factories, and
playing gear from the early years of Leedy, Ludwig, Slingerland, Rogers, etc., had a huge influence on me. Like their manufacturing process with their metal
drums, your shell will start with raw sheet metal in house here before I form it. My methods of manual production and tools are very traditional, and I spend
an extraordinary amount of time to ensure every detail on the drum is excellent, and consistent.

So why choose a drum from Beier Drums? My drums offer an opportunity to play drums again that simply have a huge sound: That vibrant metallic snare
sound that you heard in solos from the early masters, the huge presence snare drums had in the arena rock days, and the ability to use it in a wide variety of
playing situations and styles. The drums are incredibly loud, but they do not have to be played that way. They are wonderful for brush work, and lighter work
in all types of venues. I specialize in Steel, and that has traditionally been regarded as a brighter metal. These drums however have an extremely wide tuning
range, have a spectacular mid/bottom end range, are full of tone....and overtones. Drums like this are not only relevant today in music, but are more relevant
than ever before. It's time again to hear drums the way they were meant to be heard."