Do you manufacture your own shells?
Yes. Beier Drums is a self contained manufacturer of drums-Not a builder. Your
drum starts with raw steel-To what you see and hear. I use very traditional
methods & tools to design your drum, form your shell, and finish every aspect of
it from start to finish. When I say I am making you a drum, I personally and truly
am doing just that. My drums are some of the few metal drums  that are still
manufactured this way.

I played one of your drums recently, and want to pick one up for myself in the
same size. Will it sound like the one I played?
Absolutely. That was extremely important to me when designing these drums,
and is foremost when I am making your shell. Producing drums with an
identifiable sound was my #1 priority here. Visually, the drums are classic and
beautiful. That is a great thing. But the majority of my  interest is in the sound of
I don't want drummers to see my drums, I want them to hear them. I get a
lot of correspondence here, and I "hear" that all of the time, and it is always
makes my day.

Do you take orders for custom sizes and colors?
Not at this time. Winter of 2015 will see the completion of the 1.5 Steel Series in
several different sizes. These all will be permanent editions, and will always be
available. I really don't offer custom colors, etc.., To refer you back to the above
answer...My focus is on the sound of my drums. There are some incredible
finishes out there, and an endless list of presentations, names & accessories
on drums that are quite simply...Stunning. I absolutely love looking at all of that.
However, that just has never been of huge interest to me to go that route, and it
also greatly increases the prices of drums in most instances. It is extremely
important to me to keep the prices of my drums as reasonable as they are, and
let the sound of the drums speak for themselves.

Will you be manufacturing drums in any other metals?
Right now, there are no plans for that.  I see, and most importantly hear the
attributes of other metals. But the sound I wanted to offer to the industry is in
Steel. The drums I make have the sound I could not find with the countless
number of drums that I played and bought. Many of them were excellent drums,
but just did not have everything I was looking for. The 1.5 Steel Series does for
me. I do  appreciate all of the requests for different metals though.  

Do you make other drums besides snare drums or any accessories?
That is a question I get asked pretty frequently. A lot of the ideas are great, and I
find them interesting. With the workload here though...I just simply do not have
the time. My time and attention has to remain on the line of my current drums. If I
know someone who is making the item(s) in question, I would be most happy to
refer you to them.

What kind of music are your drums designed for?
The drums are designed for all styles of music. The thicker shell, and straight  
bearing edge gives them extreme volume. They are not just designed just for
volume though, and do not have to be utilized that way. They are extremely
responsive to brushes, and are wonderful for light Jazz work.  They have an
extremely wide tuning range, & have an incredible mid/bottom range-(See Audio
page for samples). They are full of tone...And overtones.  I am very rooted in the
design and sound of early period drums, especially from 1910-1960's. Those
drums sounded huge, and full of life. Beier Drums was set up to bring that
sound back to life.

Will you have a Dealer in my area soon?
Retail sales for Beier Drums are now handled exclusively through Dealers.
Direct inquiries are handled here for full-time professional studios & backline
companies. Please refer to my Order page for details. If you have a Dealer in
your area you would like to go through, please do notify me, and will contact
them on your behalf. I would encourage you as well to contact one of my existing
Dealers. They are the best in this business and they can easily,  have, and do
ship my drums all over to customers.

Is it possible to demo one of your drums live?
If your going to be in town and your band is playing live...Let me know well in
advance if possible. I am gone frequently, and would hate to miss your show! I
would be happy to bring out a selection of drums anytime.  Just contact me and
let me know when you would like to come out. (Please do note that all sales
have to be done through Dealers)

Are you looking for endorsers?
The interest is enormously appreciated...But I am not set up for that at this time.

When is the best time to contact you?
Anytime. I return all correspondence-Always. It would be great to hear from you.
Call, email or text me anytime. See Contact page for all information.